Monthly LBTT Statistics April 2021

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A total self reported tax liability of £44.1m was declared by taxpayers in April 2021, £31.9m lower than March 2021, but £29.9m higher than April 2020.

In comparison to the previous month, residential liabilities decreased by £31.1m and non-residential liabilities decreased by £0.8m.

A total of 8,220 notifiable land and building transactions were reported in April 2021, which is 6,040 less than March 2021, but 4,670 more than April 2020.

Although March 2021 marked the end of the financial year, summing revenue declared due for April 2020 to March 2021 will not exactly match the LBTT revenue figures which will appear in due course in Revenue Scotland's Annual Report and Accounts for 2020-21. A key difference relates to how claims for repayment of ADS are treated in the statistics compared to the accounts (i.e. which time period they are allocated to). Further detail is provided in Appendix B(i) of Revenue Scotland's Annual Summary of Trends in the Devolved Taxes (link provided in the 'Related Statistics' tab of this workbook).