Revenue Scotland - Equalities Mainstreaming report 2024-2028

Welcome to Revenue Scotland’s Equality Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report 2024-2028. 


In Revenue Scotland, we strive for equality, diversity, and inclusion to be part of our DNA. We want to create a culture where we truly celebrate our diversity, embrace our inclusivity, and achieve better equality for everyone.

That is why we set ourselves targeted equality outcomes to guide our efforts from 2020-2024 to continue to embed equality across all of Revenue Scotland’s activities as both a service provider and employer.

This report shows the journey that we have been on over that period. It is interspersed with many and varied stories from our staff showing our continued commitment to developing and integrating equality, diversity and inclusion in our culture and behaviours, so that it is integral to our day-to-day work and decision making. The stories demonstrate how much these efforts
mean to our staff, and how much value there is in striving to make our organisation as diverse and inclusive a place as it can be.

Of course, we know that our endeavours must continue. There are areas we need to work on further so that the organisation can become truly representative of the people we serve. We are committed to making ongoing improvements in those areas

We all have work to do to achieve and maintain this standard. Mainstreaming outcomes, and the legal duties that underpin them, are an important part of that. Our mainstreaming outcomes for 2024-2028, aligned with our Corporate Plan for 2024-2027, will serve as a guide and goal for us over the next four years and will ensure that Revenue Scotland continues to work hard to ensure that we meet the needs of all the people we serve.

Elaine Lorimer, Chief Executive
28 March 2024