About Scottish Landfill Tax

Find out how the SLfT tax works, what information we keep in the Scottish Landfill Tax Register and our role in the Scottish Landfill Communities Fund.

The Scottish Landfill Tax Register

Revenue Scotland maintains a Scottish Landfill Tax register (SLfT).  This is published in accordance with the provisions of s.24, Landfill Tax (Scotland) Act 2014.

This register contains the SLfT registration numbers, business names and addresses and site addresses of those registered for SLfT.

You must contact Revenue Scotland in circumstances where your registration information changes:

• you discover it is inaccurate
• you no longer intend to make disposal to landfill in Scotland
• you de-register for SLfT or
• you become bankrupt (insolvent).

We will use this updated information to maintain the SLfT register.

SLfT Register - Published 17.09.2020.pdf