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Key information on LBTT. 


Key Information 

Our Key Information page has instructions on how to activate your account and log on to SETS, as well as information and instructions for Account Administrators.

Updated 'How to' Guidance 

A list of key guidance pages that have been updated to reflect the SETS upgrade is provided below.

​General Conveyancing

General guidance about the online LBTT return

How to make an online LBTT return

How to amend an LBTT return

Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS)

How to make an online return for ADS

How to claim a repayment of ADS


How to make an online LBTT lease return 

How to make an online LBTT lease review return (agents)

How to make an online LBTT lease review return (tenants)

Paper Returns 

All forms (returns and repayment claims) must now be submitted to Revenue Scotland instead of Registers of Scotland.  

From 19 August 2019 any forms (including Additional Dwelling Supplement, LBTT tax returns, lease and three-year lease review returns) received by Registers of Scotland or old style forms received by Revenue Scotland will be rejected and a new updated form will be required to be submitted.

All paper returns should be accompanied by cheque payment of any tax due.  

Any forms misdirected or received in the old format may lead to delay in registration in the land register and penalties.

The updated paper return forms can be found on the forms page.

Contact Us 

For help with case specific questions or complex tax enquiries:

  • use the secure message facility in the SETS portal

For help with technical issues or problems using the SETS portal:

To contact the LBTT tax team, email: .

For any general comments, questions or suggestions on SETS, email: 


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