Revenue Scotland publishes Annual Reports and Accounts 2021-22

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10 November 2022

Revenue Scotland has today (10 November) published its Annual Reports and Accounts 2021-22.

The Devolved Taxes report sets out the financial information about the two devolved taxes (Land and Buildings Transaction Tax and Scottish Landfill Tax) for which a total of £934m in revenue was collected in 2021-22. The Resource Account report provides detailed commentary on the operational performance of Revenue Scotland in delivering its statutory functions.

We have continued to work hard to respond to the challenges of the past two years. Mitigating the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff wellbeing and moving to a successful hybrid working model remained a key focus for the organisation.

Key highlights: 

  • £934m total tax declared
  • 99% tax collection rate
  • Administrative cost of tax collection 0.68%
  • £721k secured through compliance activity
  • A total of 94% of all staff have completed 30 hours of learning and development
  • Developing new People, Green and Engagement Strategies
  • 0% gender pay gap by 31 March 2022 

Chief Executive Elaine Lorimer said: “We have learnt a lot during the last two years about our own resilience and adaptability as an organisation, but also demonstrated significant creativity, innovation and ambition, and I am determined that we continue to utilise this wealth of new experiences to our advantage going forward. I am immensely proud of all our staff at Revenue Scotland; of how they are embracing continuous improvement in the face of external challenges and constant change. 

Looking ahead, we aim to use technology more to automate processes, improve tax compliance and further enhance the use of our data to better inform policy decisions.”

Aidan O’Carroll, Chair said: “I am delighted to present this Annual Report, covering the first full financial year since my appointment as Chair of Revenue Scotland in August 2021. 

We strive to excel in the delivery of our services, to successfully invest in our people, and to reach out effectively to our stakeholders. As we look ahead, we want to make what we do scalable and sustainable, and we stand ready to assume new responsibilities as required.”