Website Refresh

Website Refresh


Why the need for a refresh

Created at the time Revenue Scotland was established in January 2015, the Revenue Scotland website is a key platform for the organisation. As our role as Scotland’s tax authority evolves, its right that our website also develops and updates to better reflect who and what we are.

What we hope to bring with the refresh?

Clear messaging – From the homepage onwards we want visitors to the site to know exactly who we are, what we do and what they need to do next. Our website should give a clear and compelling corporate message (e.g. our mission statement) The site should have key messages such as those relating to service availability, prominent on our home page

Presentation – the journey through the site should be fluid and straightforward with accessibility available whether on a tablet, computer or mobile device. Page design should be consistent throughout

Smoother User Journeys - Our most popular pages must be visible from our homepage, offering clear next steps/starting points to users to support their journey through the site, not ‘hidden’ so deep into the site that users can’t find them. The underlying structure and layout of the website needs to be simple and uncomplicated and Content groupings should be intuitive and not force the user to struggle to find things. The journey should also be dynamic – we should not force users to go back to the home page every time they want to leave one page and view another. Plus, by introducing, sidebar menu’s and breadcrumb trail’s we will support the user in their journey through the site

Clear, helpful content - our content should be timely, appropriate, useful, interesting, and clear. In the instance of our guidance, it also must be legally accurate, as it is Revenue Scotland’s interpretation of the legislation. The guidance serves to bridge the gap for users so they can understand tax legislation (written in plain English) but also provide legal information for experienced conveyancing solicitors. The content should be optimised for all search engines.

Accessibility – the website must comply with the regulations established for Digital public services.

Engaging visuals – whilst the site clearly has a serious business need, the visuals should make the site easily attracted and persuaded by visuals that appeal to the eye and engage our visitors. The site should not only look great but have a range of visual stimulation as all customers will have a preferred means of being communicated with. We should have videos images and infographics used (wisely!) alongside text to appeal to as many eyes as possible (this also helps us meet our accessibility requirements above)


Phase 1 (Nov - Dec 2020):

Information analysis and user experience research. Online surveys and usability testing. Service user feedback.

Phase 2 (Jan - Feb 2021):

Visual design refreshed. Top level structure and content hierarchy reviewed and improved. Updated operating system and new security releases.

Phase 3 (March 2021):

Planned go-live of updated website – refreshed look and feel, improved top level navigation and content structure.

Phase 4 (April 2021 onwards):

Continuous improvement throughout 2021 and 2022.

Website Visuals

Below is a selection of the new visuals for the refreshed website. Key points to highlight - an improved 'Quick Links' section (I want to…) and also a new, dedicated section for 'Important Updates'. Please note the wording for the content is still in development.

The new visuals use the existing colour palette but present a brighter, modern and fresh look for the Revenue Scotland website.

(Visual 1 - New Home Page)


(Visual 2 - Drop down menu)


(Visual Three - Guidance for Devolved Taxes page)



(Visual Four - Land and Buildings Transaction Tax)


(Visual Five - Tax Guidance for Residential Purchases)






Much of the work to modernise the website, particularly on planned changes to top level structure and general usability, has been informed by the results of two pop-up surveys and input from a small group of service users commenting on various aspects of page design and content hierarchy. If you have any comments or suggestions on the proposed visuals or the project generally, please email the Comms Team:


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