Account administrator role and responsibilities

Find out the roles and responsibilities of the account administrator in the day-to-day operation of SETS.

Account Administrator role and responsibilities

The Account Administrator plays an important administrative role in the day-to-day operation of SETS (the Scottish Electronic Tax System).

Every organisation using SETS should have at least one person acting as Account Administrator, nominated by the organisation to act on its behalf.

When registering, the first person to log into SETS will automatically be assigned the role of Account Administrator.

This person may appoint additional account administrators and security account administrators within the organisation.

The Account Administrator is responsible for:

Account Security Administrator

The SETS portal allows the option of a secondary and additional ‘Account Security Administrator’ role to be assigned. Any user assigned this role has similar responsibilities as the Account Administrator. Full administrative responsibility for an organisation’s SETS account remains with the Account Administrator.

Details of the functionality of both Account Administrator and Account Security Administrators:

Account administrator functionality Account Administrator Account Security Administrator
Change organisation details
Email address  
Telephone number  
Change own user details
Email address
Create new or change existing user details
Status (current / inactive)
Email address
Assign or change user roles (excluding your own)
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