SLfT7014 - Approved body ceasing to be registered

SLfT guidance on the effect on a landfill operator of an approved body ceasing to be registered for the SLCF.

There are a number of reasons why an approved body might have its registration in the scheme revoked. For example, the body might:

  • voluntarily wish to leave the scheme (possibly because it is not attracting funding);
  • cease operating (possibly because it was only set up to deliver a specific project or projects); or
  • fail to comply with the scheme rules.

You lose your entitlement to credit on any of your contributions which remain undistributed at the time that the registration of an approved body you had donated to is revoked.

You should therefore ensure that, if an approved body’s enrolment is revoked, part of your agreement with an approved body includes the provision that unspent funds are either repaid to you or transferred to another approved body with your agreement.

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