SLfT7016 - Summary of a landfill site operator's responsibilities under the SLCF

SLfT guidance summarising the various responsibilities that a landfill operator has in relation to the SLCF.

We have prepared a checklist of some of your responsibilities when using the SLCF. These reflect the more detailed guidance provided elsewhere in this chapter.

  • make sure the approved body you wish to fund is registered within the scheme (see SLfT7004)
  • make contributions subject to a condition that they are only spent on projects fulfilling approved objects (see SLfT7005)
  • record the details of the contributions and the approved body (or bodies) receiving them
  • record details of any third party contribution received and notify SEPA and the approved body of them (see SLfT7010)
  • ensure that you, or a third party contributor, do not benefit from your contributions
  • only claim credit up to the maximum liability percentage of your annual SLfT liability (see SLfT7001)
  • make sure you have used the correct dates to calculate your contribution year
  • check whether the approved body has transferred your contribution to another approved body. If they have, make sure that it informs you of the transfer. You are still treated as the contributor (see SLfT7012)
  • check whether the approved body's enrolment has been revoked. If it has, recover any of your money that is unspent at that date (see SLfT7014)
  • repay us 90% of any repayment of contributions you receive from an approved body (see SLfT7011).
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