Key Dates

Key dates and milestones.

Key Dates

16 March 2016

Additional Dwellings Supplement Guidance published

January-March 2016

LBTT Roadshows held in Glasgow, Dumfries, Inverness, Dundee, Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

13 November 2015

Revenue Scotland receives the Living Wage Accreditation.

8 November 2015

Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs) relief and relief for alternative finance investment bonds come into effect.

13 August 2015

Latest date for filing an SLfT return and paying tax on time for the first accounting period.

30 June 2015

End of first accounting period for SLfT.

1 April 2015

Devolved taxes come into effect.

24 March 2015

Online and manual LBTT return forms available.

16 February 2015

SLfT Registration.

16 February 2015

LBTT Portal Sign-Up.

15 February 2015

LBTT and SLfT Guidance published.

January-February 2015

LBTT Roadshow events.

21 January 2015

Revisions to proposed rates and bands for residential property transactions announced.

1 January 2015

Revenue Scotland becomes a non-ministerial department.

December 2014

Revenue Scotland Board appointed.

December 2014

SLfT and LBTT secondary legislation laid before parliament.

November 2014

Revenue Scotland website launched.

October 2014

Proposed rates and bands announced as part of the draft budget.

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