Corporate Plan 2021-24

View our Corporate Plan for 2021-24. 

The Corporate Plan outlines Revenue Scotland's purpose, vision, strategic outcomes and performance measures.


This is Revenue Scotland’s third three-year corporate plan. After six years of operation, we are now firmly established in the tax and public sector landscapes in Scotland.

Our Plan is built on the four pillars of Excelling in Delivery, Investing in our People, Reaching Out and Looking Ahead, and the objectives we have identified that will take the organisation forward in a sure footed and value added way. It builds on our strong achievements to date – not least the collection of around £4 billion of revenue since 2015, all of which stays in Scotland and helps fund Scotland’s public services. Our purpose and vision, as described on page 5, represent the “North Star” for our organisation. Our objectives for 2021-24 reflect our commitment to delivering on strategic outcomes aligned to that purpose and vision.

There are exciting opportunities for Revenue Scotland to further release the power of technology and the data we hold to support public policy making and the wider Scottish administration, as we make “digital by design” a reality for our organisation. Operating in the most transparent way, and engaging proactively with taxpayers, their agents, other bodies as well as within Revenue Scotland, we will build on the strong levels of trust established since our formation. Embedded in all that we do is our commitment to equalities, diversity and sustainability. We also recognise the importance of the great team of people, around 80 in number, as well as our partners, most notably SEPA, whose commitment to excellence and professionalism in all that we do represents the bedrock on which this plan is built.

We have transitioned rapidly and effectively to new ways of working as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We were well prepared from previous Business Continuity exercises (planned and real) to keep our operations intact while moving to remote working. We are now working to a new operating model that will bring the power of our people and technology together to offer a fully digital revenue authority that is fit for the future. As Scotland’s national revenue authority, we will provide an efficient and effective service as we play our full part in contributing to Scotland’s recovery plans and taking on new responsibilities as required. We thank all those who have helped Revenue Scotland to date and very much look forward to delivering this next chapter as a collaborative and effective partner.

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