Corporate Plan 2021-24

View our Corporate Plan for 2021-24. 

The Corporate Plan outlines Revenue Scotland's purpose, vision, strategic outcomes and performance measures.

Performance Measure

The key performance indicators (KPIs) below have been identified to help measure our performance. A range of qualitative and quantitative management information is also collected to inform operational decisions, help assess our performance each year and provide wider understanding of areas of high performance and where we can improve.

Strategic outcome KPI - Topic Measurement
Excelling in Delivery

KPI 1 - Tax collection rate

KPI 2 - Response to user requests

KPI 3 - Tax compliance activity

KPI 4 - Administrative cost of tax collection

  • Percentage of tax declared that has been collected
  • Composite of calls, written correspondence and time to process claims for repayment of tax
  • Yield collected and protected through compliance activity
  • Less than 1% of tax collected
Investing in our People

KPI 5 - Skills and knowledge development

KPI 6 - People Survey Engagement Index/ Proxy Stress Index

  • Average hrs per FTE; proportion within target of 30 hours
  • Combined measure: to be in the top 25% of all civil service organisations
Reaching Out

KPI 7 - Service users’ feedback

KPI 8 - Equalities

  • Quantitative and qualitative user research
  • Progress against delivery of Equalities Mainstreaming Action Plan
Looking Ahead

KPI 9 - Environment

KPI - 10 Delivery of key strategic projects

  • Defined as part of Green Strategy
  • Progress of key strategic projects contained in Business Plan 2021-24