Annual Reports and Accounts 2021-22 - Resource Accounts

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The report gives an outline of our key business activities and performance over the past financial year.

Appendix A - Date of submission versus effective date

Revenue Scotland’s monthly LBTT statistics and the data in this publication are based on the date the LBTT return is submitted to Revenue Scotland. Generally this is different from the effective date (generally the data that a land transaction is completed) as taxpayers have 30 days from the effective date to submit their LBTT return. It can take up to eight weeks from the effective date for the majority (99%) of LBTT returns to be submitted, whereas no such time lag exists for data produced by date of submission. Revenue Scotland is aware of interest in data by effective date but there are good reasons to publish statistics by submission date.

  • Publishing data based on the submission date rather than the effective date allows Revenue Scotland to publish monthly LBTT statistics in a timely manner.
  • The data will be subject to revision only as a result of changes to the LBTT returns submitted (e.g. a claim for repayment of ADS) and not as a result of the submission of LBTT returns relating to an earlier period (which would be the case for statistics produced by effective date).
  • Published statistics include actual values rather than estimates for the most recent months.
  • Trends observed in the published data will be broadly the same as those on an effective date basis, with the largest deviations occurring at the ends of the series and near policy changes

It is worth noting that the Scottish Fiscal Commission (SFC) typically requests data by effective date, which it uses to produce and evaluate forecasts of LBTT revenue. The data provided allows the SFC to more accurately examine the impact of significant events, e.g. policy changes. The data includes LBTT returns with an effective date up to and including the month two months prior to the date on which the data was extracted from the tax system. Revenue Scotland subsequently publishes the data provided to the SFC on the LBTT data requests section of its website.