SETS recent and upcoming updates

Find out about the latest updates to the Scottish Electronic Tax System (SETS).

SETS recent and upcoming updates

Upcoming updates

Sunday 27 February 2022

Revenue Scotland will be updating the online tax collection system (SETS) on Sunday 27 February. This update will introduce a number of changes and enhancements to both the SETS portal and also internal back-office functionality. Introduction of this important update will require a short period of downtime.

The SETS portal will be unavailable to all users and for all services on Sunday 27 February from 08:00 to 17:00.


What's new?

  1. When filling out an ADS repayment claim for taxpayers, you will now be required to enter either your telephone number or email address when filling out the 'Your Details' page. This is to ensure Revenue Scotland is able to contact you if there is an issue with the repayment.
  2. When requesting a repayment from Revenue Scotland, the 'Name of account holder' field will now be restricted to 152 characters.
  3. The date that a LBTT or SLfT return was submitted via the portal is now visible on the PDF that is produced.
  4. Whilst entering a LBTT return, if you answer  'Yes' to 'Are Tenant/Landlord or Buyer/Seller connected', the portal will now ask you the mandatory question 'How are they connected?'
  5. Agent authorisation will now be calculated from the date the return is submitted rather than the filling date. This will give RS more time to interact with Agents.
  6. When receiving an automated email from RS, the RS number will now be in the email subject.
  7. When receiving a secure message in relation to a return, the RS number will be used in the subject line.

Recent updates

Friday 28 January 2022

Summary details of new functionality being introduced to the SETS portal:

  1. Users may now see banners on the homepage of the dashboard. These will contain important messages relating to such issues as scheduled downtime and highlighting changes to legislation.
  2. If you have not chosen Direct Debit as your preferred payment option when submitting a return, you will now not be able to choose the Direct Debit option when amending your return. This is to ensure there are no complications when completing your return.

Past updates from 2019 to 2020

Updates during the SETS upgrade process.

The upgraded Scottish Electronic Tax System (SETS)  went live in July 2019.  View all updates during the upgrade period:

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