LBTT Updates

Information about changes and updates to Revenue Scotland LBTT Guidance and online portal (SETS). 

LBTT Updates

Revenue Scotland publishes new LBTT Technical Bulletin

Revenue Scotland has published its latest LBTT Technical Bulletin, providing up to date information about group relief and share pledges, pension fund in specie transfers, early termination of leases and changes to Additional Dwelling Supplement legislation around family units and replacing main residences. The bulletin is available to download below. If you would like to be added to the distribution list for the bulletin, please contact

LBTT Technical Update - 28 December 2017.pdf

LBTT Technical Update - 22 May 2017.pdf

LBTT Technical Update - 16 October 2016.pdf


Scottish Government publishes Draft 2018-19 Budget

The Scottish Government has today announced its Draft Budget for 2018-19.

This includes the intention to introduce a new relief on LBTT for first-time buyers in Scotland which increases the zero-rate threshold from the current level of £145,000 to £175,000. The Budget document sets out Scottish Government plans to launch a consultation on the LBTT policy proposals and this is expected to begin in January.

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Update to ADS rules on family units and replacing main residences

The Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Additional Amount – Second Homes Main residence Relief) (Scotland) Order 2017 came in to effect on 30 June 2017 and amends the ADS rules on family units and replacing main residences. We have updated our legislative and ‘how to’ guidance on the effect of this legislation including a new page LBTT 10062A – Relief available for transactions involving spouses/civil partners/cohabitants.


23 September 2016 - LBTT Forum

The next Revenue Scotland LBTT Forum will take place at the Apex Grassmarket Hotel, Edinburgh, on 25 October 2016.

The event will be opened by Chief Executive Elaine Lorimer before separate sessions focusing on the Additional Dwelling Supplement six months on from its introduction and a technical spotlight highlighting recent legislative developments.

Spaces for the event are limited so we request that only one or two representatives from each organisation attends. You can book tickets through Eventbrite. Presentation slides and minutes will be made available to everyone after the event.

Further details about the event, including timings, are available in the agenda available on our website.

8 August 2016 - Interest rate change effects on Revenue Scotland

On 4 August 2016, the Bank of England announced a 0.25% decrease in the base interest rate. With effect from 10 August 2016, we have amended our rates accordingly. Please visit our penalties and interest pages for more information.

16 May 2016 - New guidance on caravans

We have published new guidance on 'what counts as a dwelling' which includes information on caravans.

1 April 2016 - ADS comes into force

The Tax Calculator has been updated to provide for ADS calculations, Legislative Guidance has been published and the ‘How To’ Guidance has been updated to provide instructions for those completing an LBTT return where the transaction applies.

16 March 2016 - ADS Guidance published

We have published a downloadable PDF version of the guidance. Further 'how to' guidance will be published before 1 April 2016.

9 March 2016 - Additional Dwelling Supplement (ADS)

Stage 3 of the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (Amendment) (Scotland) Bill took place in the Scottish Parliament yesterday (March 8). Following a debate, the Bill was passed unopposed. Further details are available on the Scottish Parliament website. Subject to Royal Assent, the policy will come into effect from 1 April. Revenue Scotland officials are now finalising the guidance for the Additional Dwellings Supplement that we will publish next week, with the updated online return form available from the date of implementation.

19 February 2016 - Additional Dwelling Supplement

We have published a range of FAQs related to the Additional Dwelling Supplement. Please visit our FAQs page to view them.

28 January 2016 - Draft Legislation Update

Information on the new LBTT supplement was published today. More information is available on our news page.

26 January 2016 - Change of bank account details

From 1 Feb we will be using a new bank account for all payments. Please see our 'how to pay' section for more information.

12 January 2016 - New Worked Examples for Leases

Six new worked examples for transitional leases were added to our LBTT guidance.

8 November 2015 - Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs) relief and relief for alternative finance investment bonds

Pages on Open-ended Investment Companies (OEICs) relief and relief for alternative finance investment bonds were added to our LBTT guidance.

3 July 2015 - Transaction Balances Resolved

The '0' transaction balances issue has been resolved and users will be able to see the correct transaction balances from tomorrow (4 July 2015). 

3 July 2015 - '0' Transaction Balances

We are aware that some portal users may notice that a ‘0’ balance is showing in the transactional balances column for returns already submitted despite not having made a payment. We apologise for any concern this is causing, we are still able to process payments so please continue to use our ‘how to pay’ guidance to make payments.

We are investigating the cause of this issue and will provide an update once it has been resolved.

26 May 2015 - Update of SETS completed

An update of the Revenue Scotland online portal (SETS) took place over the weekend of 22 – 25 May. This update has resolved the issue that Safari users were experiencing and also introduces Autosave functionality for users completing online returns (removing the need to manually click ‘save’ regularly) and also allows for attachments within the secure messaging feature.

LBTT users will also be interested to know that:

  • The relevant date now stays populated when the draft is changed
  • Agent details now pre-populate in the form
  • Chrome users can now download tax returns from the portal.

28 April 2015 – Transaction Balances Issue - Resolved

Users should be aware that the transactions balances issue reported on the 17 April is now resolved. When full tax due has been paid, and cleared, the transaction balance will show as ‘0’.

17 April 2015 - Transaction Balances

We are aware that some portal users are noticing incorrect figures in the  transactional balances column for returns already submitted. We apologise for any concern this is causing. All of the underlying accounting is working properly so this is an error in the figure displayed rather than any problem with the transactions.

There is no need for users to contact us about balances but our Support Desk staff are happy to help if there is any other difficulty about payments. We are investigating the cause of the incorrect transactional balance figures and will provide an update shortly.

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