Key Information

Key Information


An introduction and overview of the upgraded SETS was recently demonstrated during a series of online webcasts.

These webcasts are for all LBTT users of SETS – solicitors, agents and their teams and anyone who files and pays LBTT using our services.

To view a recording of one of these webcasts, click here.

YouTube Videos 

A series of instructional 'how-to' videos is available on the Revenue Scotland YouTube channel.

What's happening during the downtime? 

As SETS will be unavailable during the downtime (4pm Thursday 18 July - 12.30pm Wednesday 24 July), we ask taxpayers and agents to avoid submitting returns during this period. If this is not possible, paper returns can be submitted.

For the process of submitting a paper return during the downtime see FAQ 3.02.

How do I log into the upgraded SETS? 

Full information, including step by step guidance on how to log-in to the upgraded SETS is available here: 


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