Monthly LBTT Statistics

Up to and including March 2024.

Monthly LBTT Statistics


.A total self reported tax liability of £91.7m was declared by taxpayers in December 2021, £12.4m more than November 2021, and £15.3m more than December 2020.

In comparison to the previous month, residential liabilities decreased by £4.0m and non-residential liabilities increased by £16.4m.

A total of 11,640 notifiable land and building transactions were reported in December 2021, which is 150 fewer than November 2021, and 3,320 fewer than December 2020.

The COVID-19 supplement was added to this publication to provide weekly transaction figures at a time when the number of transactions dropped significantly due to the initial impact of COVID restrictions, and the more granular data helped to illustrate the fast-moving situation. Given that the numbers of transactions has now recovered to 'typical' levels, there is less value in publishing data at a weekly level and this supplement will be discontinued from next month. Detailed trend information will continue to be published at a monthly level.