Corporate Documents

Information about how Revenue Scotland operates.

Corporate Documents

Annual Reports and Accounts

Provisional Outturn Data

Revenue Scotland provisional (pre-audit) outturn for the devolved taxes, 2021/22

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax provisional outturn £808.5m
Scottish Landfill Tax provisional outturn £125.3m
Total devolved taxes provisional outturn £933.8m

The final outturn position for the devolved taxes for 2021-22 is included in the publication of Revenue Scotland’s Annual Report and Accounts 2021-22.

Revenue Scotland Board Minutes

Risk Management Framework

Risk Management Framework.pdf

Statement of Expenditure

Public Services Reform Act data 2021-22.pdf

Public Services Reform Act data 2020-21.pdf

Public Services Reform Act data 2015-2020.pdf

Civil Service People Survey 2019

The full results for Revenue Scotland are available below:

Revenue Scotland - People Survey Results 2019-20.pdf

Climate Change Report

Revenue Scotland's Climate Change Reports are available to download on the Sustainable Scotland Network website.

Whistleblowing Annual Report

Revenue Scotland - Whistleblowing Report 2018-19 - August 2019

Revenue Scotland - Whistleblowing Report 2019-20 - (March 2020)

Revenue Scotland - Whistleblowing Report 2020-21 - (October 2021)

Revenue Scotland - Whistleblowing Report 2021-22 - (April 2022)

From April 2023, Revenue Scotland will cease to publish an independent Whistleblowing report.  This information will now be incorporated and published within the Annual Reports and Accounts.

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