Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Statistics

Land and Buildings Transaction Tax Statistics


Land and Buildings Transaction Tax (LBTT) came in to effect on 1 April 2015. It is a replacement for the UK Stamp Duty and Land Tax (SDLT) which ceased to apply in Scotland on the same date. LBTT is administered by Revenue Scotland with support from Registers of Scotland.

LBTT is a charge on land transactions in Scotland. Land transactions must be notified to Revenue Scotland unless the chargeable consideration is less than £40,000 or the transaction is otherwise exempt (such as acquisitions by the Crown or transactions in connection with a court order relating to divorce or dissolution of civil partnership). A full list of exempt transactions can be found in the LBTT guidance.  

Historically, residential property transactions have followed a fairly regular seasonal pattern, with higher number of sales in spring and summer and relatively few in winter, particularly January and February. Seasonality is not adjusted for in this publication.

For more information about LBTT, please see the relevant sections on our website.

The current rates for LBTT are set by the Scottish Government and approved by the Scottish Parliament.

Monthly Data Releases

Latest publication: August 2018

File LBTT Statistics 01-04-15 - 31-08-18.xlsx

Next publication dates: 

​September 2018 LBTT statistics - 19 October 2018

​October 2018 LBTT statistics - 23 November 2018

​November 2018 LBTT statistics - 14 December 2018

Statistics published prior to the above period can be found within the Datasets Section.

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Historical changes



November 2016

In response to feedback from users of Revenue Scotland statistics, breakdowns of residential and non-residential conveyance transactions by tax bands were added, along with separate data on leases.

In addition, the publication was focused on tax declared due. Tax received was no longer published on a monthly basis, but continued to be monitored closely and included in Revenue Scotland's Annual Report and Financial Statements (reflecting limited external interest in monthly tax received data due to high collection rates).

April 2015

First LBTT publication

Data Sources

Notifications to Revenue Scotland are made via the Land and Buildings Transaction Tax return. An LBTT return must be submitted and arrangements made for payment of the LBTT due to Revenue Scotland before the Keeper of the Registers of Scotland can proceed with registration of title. The LBTT return includes a range of information about the transaction, tax liabilities and reliefs claimed. The information presented below comes from LBTT returns.

Amendments and corrections can be made to LBTT returns up to 1 year following the original return date. This may lead to revisions in the data published in this report.

The vast majority of LBTT returns are submitted online via the Revenue Scotland website by agents acting on behalf of taxpayers.

Data requests

Occasionally Revenue Scotland will publish additional LBTT statistics following a request for data from another organisation (e.g. Scottish Government; Scottish Fiscal Commission).

These statistics are provided here:

Date Requestor Purpose of request Data
11/10/2018 Scottish Fiscal Commission Forecast evaluation
11/10/2018 Scottish Fiscal Commission​/Scottish Government Forecasting/monitoring
08/08/2018 Scottish Fiscal Commission Background data for production of LBTT forecasts by SFC File LBTT - Forecasting Data - Spring 2018.xlsx
18/05/2018 Scottish Fiscal Commission To assist the SFC in producing a costing for changes to Group Relief File Scottish Fiscal Commission - Requested data for Group Relief costing.xlsx
24/11/2017 Scottish Fiscal Commission

Background data for production of LBTT forecasts by SFC

File LBTT - Forecast data Autumn 2017.xlsx
05/09/2017 Scottish Fiscal Commission Forecast evaluation File LBTT - Forecast evaluation data 2015-16 and 2016-17.xlsx

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